A U.S. detective named Allan Pinkerton developed mugshots in the 19th century. The mugshot, which as we know includes a front-view shot and a profile shot, was a reliable way to identify anyone who was arrested.

In 1966, the Freedom of Information Act opened these mugshots and their related arrest records up to public scrutiny. Currently, some states disclose mugshots and some refrain from public display. States that allow the public to view their mugshot records include:

  • Florida
  • Texas

  • Alabama

  • Oregon

  • North Carolina

  • Arizona

  • California

  • Colorado

  • Illinois

  • New Jersey

  • Louisiana

The advent of the internet created an even more public scope for the disclosure of this information. There are now many sites devoted to displaying mugshots. If your home state has a policy of publicly displaying arrest records, you are in more danger of finding your mugshot online, but even if you live in a state that does not publicly present mugshots, there is still a possibility of your mugshot appearing online. These are a few important sites to check to determine if your mugshot is online:

  • Arrests.org

  • ArrestFiles.org

  • Mugshots.com

  • Bustedmugshots.com

  • Mugshotsonline.com

  • Mugshotsplanet.com

  • Lookwhogotbusted.com

  • Gotchamugshots.com

  • Mugshotsworld.com

The appearance of your mugshot on one of these websites is generally enough evidence for someone to assume your guilt, even if you were never charged with anything. Mugshot Removal Company has a familiar professional relationship with all of the websites listed above, allowing the company to offer speedy removal services.

The present level interest in mugshots is usually contributed to our nation’s fascination with celebrity antics. However, at least one journalist believes that the proliferation of mugshot websites is the result of our culture’s gossipy curiosity about the exploits of our seemingly normal neighbors.

Currently, the primary challenge of someone whose mugshot appears online is the future of his or her professional reputation. Present and future employers are likely to search for information about their employees, and a mugshot can create a blemish in an otherwise pristine reputation that could mean the difference between being hired and being unemployed.

Don’t let your mugshot mess with your future! Contact Mugshot Removal Company today to ensure the immediate removal of your online mugshot.

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